Gym membership for 1 person (1 month at any time)

70,00 EUR


Gym membership for 1 person (1 month at any time).

If you want to not only boost confidence about your body and improve your fitness level, but also achieve better results, the gym of the Joker Club is the right place to do so.

Our best instructors will individually assess your physical condition and will find the most suitable training load and programme.

(1) with the gym membership, you can join group classes;

(2) with the sport membership (gym, squash, water aerobics, group classes), during the validity of membership, discounts to a single visit of the WRC (swimming pool and saunas) for 2 people and a massage (sports and classic) for 1 person:
5% - 1 month membership and classes
10% - 3 months memberships;
15% - 6 months memberships;
20% - 12 months memberships.

(3) students with 3, 6, and 12 months membership 10 % discount.

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