Squash is a game charged with joy and competitive spirit with the potential to become your next new hobby!

Squash is a game played in pairs, and it develops movement coordination, as well as trains resilience. It is perfectly suited also for those, who wish to lose those extra kilos — you can burn even up to 1000 calories in a single game!

Before the squash game, warm up at the gym (15 minutes).

Squash visit / memberships

S membership

10 hours (before 16.00) to be used in 3 months

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135.00 EUR
M membership

10 hours (any time) to be used in 3 months

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180.00 EUR
Squash visit 1x

Reserve by calling Joker klubs administration - 67099800.

Working days (7:00 - 16:00) - 15.00 EUR

Working days (16:00 - 22:00) - 20.00 EUR

On holidays / Weekends - 17.00 EUR

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0.00 EUR
XL membership

40 hours (before 16.00)

to be used in 12 months

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525.00 EUR
Super Extra L membership

50 hours (at any time)

to be used in 12 months

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880.00 EUR

Squash online reservation is available for 1x visits. For active squash subscriptions, please make a reservation at the Joker club administration.

Racket rental 4.00 EUR.
Ball rental 2.00 EUR.

In case of no-show, 1 visit is deducted for season ticket holders and single visit vouchers become invalid.

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