If you wish to recover harmony, strengthen your wellbeing and increase physical and emotional resilience, choose yoga with the inspiring Ineta Ķirse!

Bear in mind that a yoga class is 2 hours long, and we promise it will be a time well spent!

Before you go to yoga, please read through some practical advice:
- do not eat at least two hours before the class,
- come to the class on time so that you can get ready for it,
- choose light and comfortable clothing,
- before the class, it is recommended to have a shower,
- do the exercises or asanas barefooted,
- feel free to take along your own mat and other inventory, but if you do not have one, do not hesitate to use the club inventory available on the premises,
- take along warm socks and a jacket or a throw so that you feel comfortable during the relaxation,
- do not strain yourself as you perform asanas, and remember — yoga is not a competition — be aware of your limits and do not forget your wellbeing!

Inetas Ķirses jogas studija

Yoga class / membership

Hatha yoga

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13.00 EUR
Hatha yoga

8x (valid for 2 months)*

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*the membership is valid for two months from the first class you attend. You can attend 8 yoga classes in the Healing and Hatha yoga groups. After the 2 month term has expired or after having attended 8 classes, the membership shall expire.
**membership validity is one calendar month, starting from the first session. You can attend up to 8 yoga classes in the Healing and Hatha yoga groups. After the 30 days have expired or after having attended eight classes, the membership is no longer valid.
Yoga classes at the Joker Club last for about 2 hours

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