Enjoy the healing touch of water at the Joker Club Water Relaxation Centre!


We offer the clients of the Water Relaxation Centre to recharge batteries

      - in seven saunas

 - in a refreshing pool

 - in relaxing SPA baths

 - in energising water cascades

In addition, we also offer massages and beauty care, as well as to enjoy a leisurely energy boosting cocktail at the bar of the Water Relaxation Centre.

In the morning hours, we offer water aerobics classes and swimming lessons for kids.

Water relaxation centre working hours:

Monday - Friday 12:00 - 21:00

Saturday - Sunday 12:00 - 21:00


Dear costumers, we inform you:


1. from Monday through Friday we welcome parents with children in regular working hours, while Saturdays and Sundays, respecting those who want to relax in SPA setting, children up to 12 years of age (inclusive) can stay in water relaxation centre until 6 PM.



May all of us have a nice time in relaxation!

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